Monday, August 17, 2009

CPK: From Beverly Hills To Cherry Hill!

My best guess is that it was in the early 1990s.
My wife and I were attending a convention in San Francisco and a bright, airy casual dining spot caught our eye. The vivid yellow and black logo, sleek interior, cool lighting and busy atmosphere pulled us in.
There, amidst a wonderfully clean, streamlined and friendly environment we discovered an innovative menu and one of the finest thin crust pizzas we had ever tasted.
Over the years, each time we returned to Los Angeles, San Diego or the Bay Area we went back to California Pizza Kitchen (CPK).
The first CPK opened in Beverly Hills in 1985 and now there are more than 230 CPKs in 32 states and nine countries.
Today, finally this Beverly Hills sensation comes to Cherry Hill at the Cherry Hill Mall.
We wanna say: "CPK, what took you so long?"
But no matter. We love having CPK here.
Over the weekend we had an advance sneak peek at CPK and we can tell you that its about more than just pizza. But yes, the thin crust pizzas in every possible combination are still great.
We started with a toast of Chardonnay and then moved on to light and delicious Cabo Crab Cake appetizers. For our main course we delighted in the original Margherita Pizza and the Asparagus and Spinach Spaghettini (pictured). We gotta tell ya: The spaghettini rivals any pasta dish we've tasted anywhere. And since "pizza" is this restaurant's middle name we need say no more about the pizza.
We ended our meal with coffee and a sinfully, super-moist Red Velvet Cake.
CPK Cherry Hill features the chain's traditional tan and brown colors with the distinctive splash of yellow at the brightly tiled kitchen and counter area centered around a wood burning pizza oven. And there's plenty of outdoor dining as well. BTW: The service is excellent with a knowledgeable staff dressed in black and white.
You can find CPK at the Mall's restaurant row fronting Route 38 right next to Macy's
This is a wonderful new addition to the local restaurant scene and we want to shout about it to everyone.
"Go, go, go, CPK!"

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Unknown said...

it is a finest thin crust pizzas but you also post it's making process.


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