Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Palm's Lobster Special Extended!

What would you like - a four, five or six pound lobster?
Yes, you can have the whole lobster plus two side dishes and a salad.
And we're no talking just any lobster dinner here. We're talking lobster at the legendary Palm restaurant - the preferred meeting place for people who demand the best in quality, value and service.
Over the weekend at the Philadelphia Palm the two of us enjoyed the five pound lobster with two sides and two salads for $99.95 for two. If you want the six-pounder it's just a bit more while the four-pounder is just a bit less. Trust me, the four pound lobster is more than enough for two: huge, plentiful, tender, succulent. Still, it's always nice to have options that fit your appetite.
Of course we brought along another couple and they also enjoyed the four pound lobster. For our sides we chose fried onions and potato crisps and creamed spinach. And yes, the martinis were icy, refreshing and wonderfully bracing.
We topped it all off with the Palm's rich, hot coffee and that spectacular mile high chocolate chocolate cake.
Thanks to the Palm's wonderful general manager Jim Haney and his teammates, Clemente, Danielle, Robert and the inimitable Gus for their excellent service and attentiveness, as always.
And here's the best news of all: The Palm's super summer lobster special has just been extended till the end of September. Plus, the Palm is now featuring incredibly affordable three-course lunches.
Hurry on over!

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