Monday, August 3, 2009

Sebelius, Specter Shouted Down

All over the country the Democrats are trying to hold "town meetings" on health care.
They're trying to stage these meetings so it looks like they are building public support.
They're trying.
But it ain't working.
The video above shows you what you probably won't see on the nightly news.
In Philly, at the National Constitution Center HHW Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and "new" Democrat Arlen Specter were shouted down by a mostly angry crowd that wanted the answer to a simple question: "Why can't members of Congress read a bill before they vote on it? What's the rush?"
When people like Specter and Sebelius get shouted down in liberal Philadelphia (and in super liberal center city, no less) things ain't goin well for The Powers That Be.
People are angry.
And they're beginning to show it.

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