Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cherry Hill: Platt Reduces Taxes!

Cherry Hill Mayor Bernie Platt recently introduced a fiscal year budget with a three-cent reduction in the township's tax rate. This budget reduces the tax bill by $42 on the average assessed home of $140,000 throughout Cherry Hill.
After two straight years of adopting new energy efficiencies that have led to innovative cuts in expenses, the Township has strengthened its financial position.
“I believe we have a moral obligation to return any and all extra money we’ve saved back to the taxpayers during these tough economic times,” Platt said. “After making the right decisions my administration will ensure Cherry Hill is the best place to live in Camden County at the lowest possible price.”
This budget secures Cherry Hill’s status as the lowest municipal tax rate in Camden County, according to the state Treasury Department, and secures the special way of life the community enjoys.
We congratulate the Mayor on economical, efficient government service.
At a time when government at all levels is raising taxes Cherry Hill is lowering taxes by finding innovative ways to spend less and save more. At numerous Town Hall meetings, the Mayor solicited ideas from ordinary citizens in an effort to save tax dollars. He listened. He cared. He acted in the public interest.
That's a testament to Bernie Platt's fine leadership. Bravo!

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