Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Girl, The Ball, The Game

So, the little girl who threw the baseball back at Tuesday night's Phillies game was so delightful, right?
But what was a three-year-old doing at an evening Phillies game or at any Phillies game, day or night?
A three year old doesn't understand baseball or have the attention span for baseball and shouldn't be in that environment.
Why wasn't dad reading her a bedtime story, at home, as she was tucked into bed?
And why are children constantly showing up at adult venues? What are toddlers doing in such environments?
Why is this happening?
I ask you: Why?
BTW: There's ANOTHER little child in the picture who appears to be even YOUNGER than the little girl who caught the ball. Did the parents actually PAY for these kids to attend the game?


Anonymous said...

Your point is well made and I didn't think of it. What I did see was a dad who laughed at the situation and gave his daughter a very big hug. I have no doubt there's a lot of love in that home

mjloehrer said...

anonymous was me--mjloehrer. I'm always accountable for my comments

Radu Gherman said...

Haven't kids always attended baseball games? "Buy me some peanuts and Cracker jacks..."

And MJ is right. A lot of parents may well have blown a gasket after a stun like that. There's nothing but love there. I'll grant you that Philly fans are notorious, but it's a baseball game.

The problem here, if there is one, is with the a-holes that turn sporting events into adult venues.

Radu Gherman said...

Full disclosure:

I may have, at one time, been part of that group. But only at eagles games, and only during playoffs. Don't bring kids there. But really, isn't this a refelction of Philly in general? And what can we do about it?

Josh said...

I can't believe that this story has gotten so much play. So the kid took the ball and threw it away. Big deal. I'm sure it's not the first time this has happened. Yet the whole family was interviewed on the Today show this morning and the story has made national headlines. WTF?

Dan Cirucci said...

Few things that I've posted have garnered more comment than this.
It's ridiculous.
I think it's just an example of the laziness of the media.
It was a story that they just lifted off of You Tube. It was nothing.
Blown out of all proportion.
And I ask: What was a three-year-old kid (and her baby brother) doing at an evening Phillies game?

Anonymous said...

You are correct sir. Everyone should stick to their respective schedules and have no special experiences.