Thursday, September 3, 2009

Obama To The Rescue?

Guess what?
Barack Obama is gonna give a speech!
Yeah, at a critical moment -- just when you thought he was on the ropes -- he's gonna give a Big, Big, Important Speech.
Obama's gonna speak to a Joint Session of Congress next week, right after Labor Day during Prime Time when everybody's payin attention.
And it'll be live on radio and TV and the Internet and in the papers.
He's gonna talk about Health Care.
And the media are gonna hype the hell out of this all during the next week and then the next day and beyond. Chris Matthews (Aunt Blabby) may got such a tingle up his leg that he might actually yell and scream and emit orgasmic sounds.
In fact, Libs everywhere may have to be frantically fanned or even hosed down.
Obama. Big Speech. Prime Time. Important Subject.
Sound familiar?
Of course it does.
This is what the Big O does when he's in a jam.
He gives a Big Speech. He gives you the BS.
And have you heard? We're told that Obama's actually gonna tell us what he'll accept in the form of a health care plan. In other words, he's finally (after months and months of confusion and rancor) gonna put his name on a plan. That's what we're told, anyway.
So, listen closely. Listen. Listen, America.
Hang onto every word.
Cause you won't be hearin anything like this again for at least a month or two.

1 comment:

mjloehrer said...

More like a week or two instead of a month or two. He's like a song that is played and played and played, over and over and over.
Enuff already!!!!!
I might be forced to do something I've never done the night he speaks: watch a reality TV show.