Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Teachers Fight Corzine Lies

Teachers and NJEA members from around New Jersey are fighting back against Jon Corzine's desperate scare tactics and the NJEA's negative grassroots campaign which both blatantly misconstrue Chris Christie's position on education. Governor Corzine's most recent ad is just the latest in a long line of completely false attacks which ignore facts and reality.
It's a dispicable attempt to distract voters from a record of failed policies that have left New Jersey with abysmal minority graduation rates, a 9.7 percent unemployment rate, the worst climate for economic growth in the country and a looming $8 billion budget deficit for FY2010.
Christie Campaign Manager Bill Stepien said: "Jon Corzine's scare tactics are a sad attempt to distract voters from his own failed record on education. Governor Corzine has jeopardized essential education funding by using stop-gap measures to pay for nearly 10 percent of the education budget, and he has completely failed to revitalize our urban schools. The teachers and NJEA members featured in our web video want Jon Corzine to stop lying about Chris' record and start discussing the facts, which is the only way we are going to fix education in our state."

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