Saturday, September 12, 2009

NJ: Democrats Embracing Christie

We recently participated in a telephone conference call with some of the leaders of "Democrats For Christie" and found ourselves encouraged by the increasing numbers of New Jersey Democrats who are crossing party lines to support Chris Christie for Governor.
Well, we'll let former New Jersey Secretary of State Joan Haberle and Garfield Councilwoman Tana Raymond tell you why:
Haberle says she's tired of the "arrogance" and "do nothing" attitude of the Corzine administration and adds that "New Jersey has become the laughing stock of the nation."
"I keep telling people that State Street in Trenton is not Wall Street," Haberle says. "I don't care how good Corzine was on Wall Street, it doesn't transfer."
Haberle cited New Jersey steadily rising unemployment rate and noted that "businesses continue to leave our state." She pointed to the closing of the Ford plant in Edison New Jersey and the 800 jobs that were lost there. "And that's just one instance," she added.
Haberle, a licensed real estate broker, says she's never seen the state in such a dreadful economic condition.
She also deplored the "secrecy" of the Corzine Administration and said "there's no telling how much has been kept from us; how much we don't know" about what has transpired behind the scenes.
Raymond said she's become "completely disheartened" with Corzine. "I voted for him and he hasn't done anything," Raymond said.
"I really think he's out of touch with reality," Raymond added. "Garfield is a blue-collar town and he simply can't relate to ordinary people."
The Councilwoman said that New Jerseyans are fleeing the state in record numbers. "Many of my friends tell me that their children are moving south. They can't afford to live here. And old people are moving out as well. The taxes are forcing them to leave."
Raymond asked: "Where are the jobs that Corzine said he would provide? Where are they?"
Raymond said she feared no retribution from entrenched Democrats for crossing party lines. "Look," she explained "The people of this state are more important than any party. I simply can't give Corzine another four years to try to get it right."
State Senator Joe Kyrillos moderated the conference call and he told me that he's spoken to "many Democrats who say that cannot vote for Corzine."
Senator Kyrillos said that the Christie campaign expects to announce more Democrat defections as election day draws near. "Many people call me -- Democrat mayors, leaders -- and tell me privately that they're on our side, that they can't support Corzine."
Kyrillos indicated that some of these leaders may soon be ready to step forward, join many other announced Democrats for Christie and embrace Chris Christie publicly.
"I know that Chris Christie has talked to a lot of Democrats; a lot of important Democrats," Kyrillos said. "And he's getting a very positive response."

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