Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Visit 'It's My NJ!'

The Christie-Guadagno campaign launched a new interactive website, www.ItsMyNJ.com, where people from all over the state have the opportunity to become part of an online community where they can share their New Jersey story.
New Jerseyans are invited to discuss their personal experiences, challenges they face and hopes for the future.
Using cutting-edge integration of social networking services, Twitter and YouTube, this website allows visitors to provide a personal snapshot of life in the Garden State by uploading videos, pictures and text. ItsMyNJ.com is a part of Chris and Kim's ongoing efforts to directly engage with and respond to New Jerseyans on the issues that are most important to them.
ItsMyNJ.com uses social media to directly connect real New Jerseyans to Chris and Kim and allows people throughout the state, regardless of party or affiliation, to express their concerns about and hopes for our state. Visitors to the site can submit comments, video or photos to a live feed, which provides a portal for visitors to share their experiences and thoughts for how to fix New Jersey's problems.
ItsMyNJ.com also features nine New Jerseyans as micro-bloggers. These "Voices" share a love for New Jersey and bring diverse backgrounds and experiences to the ItsMyNJ.com community. The site will follow their social networking feeds as these "Voices" share everything from their day-to-day routines to their frustrations with the direction of our state to their perspectives on the race for governor. These "Voices" will have special access to campaign events, as well as to Chris and Kim, and will offer unique insight into the lives and cares of New Jerseyans, while encouraging other New Jerseyans to join the dialogue.
As a part of the ItsMyNJ.com kickoff, the Christie-Guadagno campaign challenges New Jerseyans across the state to submit their ideas for a better New Jersey for the chance to be selected as the tenth NJ Voice. This person will be selected to represent his or her community with a passion for our state and a commitment to improving life in New Jersey.
Spokesperson Maria Comella said: "From announcing our Lieutenant Governor via social networking sites to releasing our 'Energy as Industry' policy through YouTube, the Christie-Guadagno campaign has made a priority of reaching out and speaking directly with New Jerseyans. The people of New Jersey are frustrated with the direction our state is headed under Jon Corzine's leadership and It'sMyNJ.com provides the opportunity for their voices to be heard. ItsMyNJ.com offers another avenue for voters to reach out and get involved with this campaign."
To meet the NJ Voices, please click here to go to the blogger page.
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