Thursday, September 24, 2009

Christie Answers Shameful Attack

Jon Corzine's shameful attempts to smear Chris Christie are a national disgrace.
As if our state's reputation under Corzine wasn't bad enough, the Governor's desperate campaign just gets sleazier and oilier by the day.
Fearlessly, Christie sets the record straight.


Ryan said...

How fearless of Christie indeed? One might think he scaled Mount Everest with praise like that Dan.

Josh said...

This is nothing unusual for Corzine, or New Jersey politics for that matter. And it's becoming more and more commonplace in national politics as well. The media environment is so crowded now that people have to be increasingly outrageous and provocative to get noticed. Hence, you get ads like this, Saxby Chambliss' cruel slime job against Max Clelland in 2002, etc. You don't always see them run by the candidates themselves like this Corzine attack was, but they're increasingly commonplace.

When LBJ's campaign ran the "Daisy" ad against Barry Goldwater in 1964, many considered it unconscionable. If such an ad ran today, it would almost be considered bland and tame.