Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Top Three Corzine Lies

When the candidates take the stage on Thursday night for the first debate of the campaign, you can expect Jon Corzine to do everything he can to distract us from his real record. Considering all we've seen from his campaign are negative ads and scare tactics thus far, we figured we'd preview the top three lies we'll hear from Jon Corzine Thursday night.

There's pretty much nothing Jon Corzine won't do or say to try and scare up votes.
Corzine Lie #1: Chris Christie's Health Plan Will Deny Women Mammograms

The Truth:
New York Times: "Mr. Christie speaks not of cutting health coverage, or mammograms, as the ad suggests, but of giving people the option of choosing no-frills, mandate-free and, presumably, much cheaper insurance if they want it. Singling out mammograms -- one such mandate -- is an attempt to poison Mr. Christie with women." (David Halbfinger, "In Bid For Re-Election, New Jersey's Governor Plays To Party Faithful," New York Times, 06/08/09)
Corzine Lie #2: Chris Christie Has No Plan To Improve The Economy
The Truth:
"Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie yesterday outlined an economic growth plan that promises to cut taxes and fees while playing a hands-on role in attracting new businesses." (Chris Megerian, "Christie presents plan for growth," The Star Ledger, 02/27/09)

"Christie said that as governor, he would, among other things, cut an array of business taxes, meet with company executives hoping to locate in New Jersey, walk businesses through the state's regulations, and allow employers to buy into out-of-state health care plans." (Cynthia Burton, "GOP candidate Christie launches attack on Corzine, Philadelphia Inquirer, 02/27/09.)

Corzine Lie #3: Chris Christie Will Raise Property Taxes By 2 Billion By Rejecting Federal
Stimulus Funding for Education
The Truth:
Chris Christie has said he would accept some of the funds dedicated to New Jersey but "reject any of the stimulus money which had strings attached to it, which required me to manage the state in a particular way by the federal government." (Claire Heininger, "Ignoring rules could have cost N.J. $5B," Herald News, 7/8/09)
Maria Comella, Christie-Guadagno Spokesperson, August 1st: "Chris has said he would accept some of the funds dedicated to New Jersey with regard to stimulus money. To say he wouldn't accept any of the stimulus money is untrue. With regards to programs that he would deem a top priority, like education, he would take that money." (Pete McCarthy, "Sweeney talks unemployment in attack on Christie", Gloucester County Times, 08/01/09)

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