Sunday, September 27, 2009

Afghanistan Flip-Flop

NOW President Obama seems unwilling to bolster our forces in Afghanistan.
NOW he's toying with the idea of backing away or pulling out.
NOW he seems reluctant to finish the job in Afghanistan and NOW he won't even mention the word "victory."
But all during the presidential campaign last year he called for a greater commitment -- and MORE troops -- in Afghanistan. In fact, he even excoriated Bush and McCain for not doing enough, militarily in Afghanistan.
But NOW that Obama's the President and the Democrats are firmly in control, all that seems to be forgotten. And NOW our generals and our troops wait, wait, wait for the support they need.
Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit


Sean Schafer said...

This is change you can believe in.

Dan Cirucci said...

And the sad thing is, so many people did BELIEVE in it.
And now, they're stubbornly refusing to accept the reality: Obama appears to be hopelessly vain, weak, evasive, often small-minded and even deceitful. NOT the marks of a leader.

Josh said...

I agree that this is bad. You want to put an end to the Iraq war? Fine. But Afghanistan was the war that the rest of the world had our back on, the one that was both morally and politically justified. If we're not going to make sure we do what it takes to win this war, what's the point of even having a military?

Has the peacenik, no war is justified wing of the Democratic party gotten his ear?

Sean Schafer said...

I just can't seem to grasp the fact that 4 years ago this man was an Illinois State Senator. How can you possibly make that jump in such a short amount of time and expect to be ready to lead? He lacked any executive experience and quite frankly lacked any national experience. This man was able to take over the reins of this country, and in the progress become the most powerful man in the world, on the basis of one single speech at a partisan convention. It's crazy to think about. I ask, could this have happened thirty years ago in an era sans the internet and 24 hours news?

Sean Schafer said...

By the way Dana Perino is on the television. Friday she was at the state committee dinner. She's making a name for herself.