Thursday, September 17, 2009

Message From Michael Steele

A special message from Michael Steele, Chair of the Republican National Committee:

No doubt by now you’ve heard the comments made by former President Jimmy Carter and other Democrat leaders injecting charges of racism into important policy debates we are having today. I think the former president, with all due respect, is plain wrong. I have seen racism firsthand, and the current opposition we’re seeing from Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike to the president’s policies is not racism. In fact, baseless accusations like this diminish real incidences of racism.
It is outrageous and troubling the lengths Democrats will go to disparage those who disagree with them. This is not the context in which we should have a debate on health care or any issue facing America. The American people want the Democrats to start working with Republicans on common-sense, incremental health care reform, not resort to tactics such as this that make it harder to solve important challenges facing our nation.
Please join me in taking a stand against this insulting attempt to divide the nation by injecting race into our civil discourse and instead seek ways to unite Americans by forwarding this to your friends and posting it on your profile.

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