Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sept. 8: Keep Students Home?

President Obama plans to address all students in all schools all over America on Tuesday, September 8.
That's the day after Labor Day and the day that many view as the official start of the school term.
Dear Leader has a special message for students as they begin their new school year.
The U. S. Department of Education has already produced a curriculum guide for teachers based on the President's address. The guide directs teaches in terms of what questions to ask students and how to steer the discussion surrounding the President's address.
The speech, the guide, the whole idea -- all of this is unprecedented.
And it worries me.
Our nation cannot be governed by a cult of personality and we must not permit Big Government to enter every realm of our lives.
Children are impressionable and their teaching and training must be approached with the utmost care. Such care must begin in the home; not in the oval office and not with Big Government.
Students know who President Obama is. They see him all the time.
They don't have to see and hear from him in their classrooms at the start of the school year. It isn't necessary.
The idea of the President addressing students in this manner, well -- it just doesn't pass the smell test. It has the whiff of totalitarianism about it.
Sometimes, this White House seems to be built on perilous pillars of propaganda.
Check with your school on this. See what your school plans to do. See if they plan to carry the President's remarks. If they do, you may have some options. At the very least, make your voice heard.
If my kids were still in school I might even keep them home on September 8 or I might keep them out of the classroom during the address.
Just a word of caution to all parents: pay attention, proceed with care.

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