Monday, March 29, 2010

An Authentic French Brasserie!

Over the weekend we dined at the Caribou Cafe in center city Philadelphia and we had a wonderful time.
Caribou is an informal, street side restaurant with a French flair.
It features the culinary creations of Olivier Desaintmartin, a native of Champagne who has studied with the great chefs from France such as Guerard, Chibois, Lenôtre and Lecoze…
When he'd had enough of the white table cloth set, Desaintmartin focused on more hearty comfort food -- the kind that he grew up with; that the French eat every day.
And that's what you'll find at Caribou.
His dishes come from Provence, Gasconny, Loire, Burgundy, Brittany, Paris, Lyon and more… simple but elegant and tasty.
From Onion soup, Quiche and warm Frisee Salad to Cassoulet, Steak frites or Skate fish with capers, Olivier follows the seasons and you will find Steak tartare or Salade Niçoise in the summer and Boeuf Bourguignon, Duck Magret au Cassis, and Cassolette de Champignons in the winter.
At anytime of the day you might want to sit at the bar, enjoy “gourmet sliders ” and sip a draft Krönenbourg or a Chimay. The wine selection by the glass is extensive and the French aperitifs list is selective.
Olivier’s authentic French cuisine is the best value on Walnut Street.
In fact, we think it's the best value in the entire region.
We enjoyed the Steak frites, roasted chicken, warm salad, the wonderful Kronesbourg and delightful sugared crepes with chocolate sauce.
We lingered and savored every delicious moment. And, the service was attentive, helpful and personable.
This is an authentic, intimate, inviting spot with a nice selection of fresh dishes, all reasonably priced.
We highly recommend it!

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