Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This IS The World's Cutest Dog!

By popular demand: Here he is again.
His name is Moose.
And, as far as we're concerned, he really is the world's cutest dog.
Moose is a Lancashire Heeler and he belongs to Adam Cirucci.
He's not only cute but he's also remarkably lovable and affectionate.
Yet, since he's a herder dog, he's also a wonderful (and surprisingly rugged) outdoor dog. He loves to run in the woods or race along the riverbank.
And he's very bright and inquisitive. He has a habit of getting his nose into all sorts of business. He also learns commands rather quickly but is perfectly capable of having a mind of his own.
Above all, he is a very loyal pup -- grateful for the care and attention that has been lavished on him, attentive to his master, ever eager to please and always ready to brighten the day.
In short, he's easy to love.
And it's perfectly fine if you feel that your dog is the cutest and if you have all these feelings and more when you think of your pet.
We wouldn't expect anything less.
That's as it should be and all's right with the world!

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