Friday, March 5, 2010

Reid: 36,000 Jobs Lost 'Good'

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
on the Senate floor today, upon hearing that unemployment has reached 9.7%:
"Today is a big day
in American
because today
36,000 people lost their jobs
and that's really good."

Yo, Harry:
Try to tell that to one of the 36,000 who lost his or her job.


Josh said...

Another case of the Democrats taking what should have been a bit of moderately good news (job losses slowing) and squandering it because they can't message it. Worse yet, they created a tailor-made campaign advertisement for their opponents. Even Joe Biden hasn't gaffed like this.

Well done Harry Reid!

Unknown said...

OK, there's political talk and there's baldfaced, lying-sack-of-shit talk. Taking Reid's comments out of context in this way is a clear example of a lie. Just because Beck did it (no surprise) doesn't mean anybody else can do it without accumulating the blame. Reid can take care of himself; he's a politician and not blameless. But this assertion dirties us all and simply confirms that you are unwilling to join a society based on shared values and the rule of law. Liar--liar. You are a liar.


Dan Cirucci said...

David: We are pleased that you are passionate in your views -- that you care deeply and that you are apparently involved and committed. We like that.
And I personally thank you for visiting the blog. I appreciate it.
However, please try to refrain from name-calling.