Monday, March 29, 2010

Who's The REAL Party Of 'No'?

We hear a lot about the "Party of No" lately.
But maybe the phrase is being misdirected.
Because maybe it perfectly describes ultra-liberals and their Democrat Party. Think about it:
NO salt.
NO sugar.
NO transfats.
NO smoking.
NO states' rights.
NO tax cuts.
NO lower deficit.
NO smaller government.
NO recognition of American exceptionalism.
NO free speech except "politically correct" speech approved by "elites".
NO tolerance for opposing points of view.
NO lower unemployment anytime soon; get used to it.
NO respect for proven allies like Britain and Israel.
NO reaching across the aisle for consensus.
NO worship of God and NO religion except for the worship of The One and the doctrine of Liberalism.
NO bi-partisan approval for major legislation and
NO faith in individual and personal responsibility as all power is ceded to the Nanny State.
Nope, nope, nope disguised as hope, hope, hope.

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mj hawkeye said...

And this is only 1% of what could have been written