Wednesday, March 19, 2014

And Then We Journeyed To . . .

Just how extensive was our trip to Australia and New Zealand.
Well, consider this:
First we flew from Philadelphia to Dallas/Fort Worth.
From there we flew to Brisbane, Australia.
Then we quickly hopped another plane to Aukland, NZ.
From Aukland we motored to Rotorua, NZ.
Then, we flew to New Zealand's South Island to Christchurch.
From there we journeyed by motor coach to Mt. Cook and then to Queenstown.
From Queenstown we hopped a flight to Melbourne, Australia.
From Melbourne we flew to Alice Springs (internal Australia) in The Outback.
Then, we jetted to the resort city of Cairns.
From Cairns we flew to Australia's largest city, Sydney.
Then, we headed back to the USA for a few days to decompress in Los Angeles.
And from LA we flew home by way of Dallas/Fort Worth.
And all that in about 26 days.
How many miles did we cover?
About 26,000 miles!

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