Saturday, March 15, 2014

Our First Eight Day Week, Ever!

As days of the week go, Thursday is quite non-descript.
Almost forgotten, really.
Sunday is part of the weekend and is, in and of itself a sacred day. Monday has dreariness going for it. Tuesday at least has the distinction of traditionally being election day. Wednesday is that longed-for hump day. Friday is TGIF. And Saturday is a day for pure fun (or, if you're Jewish it's your sacred day).
But Thursday?
Well, Thursday's sorta blah. Yeah, we know that some people think it's the new Friday but the fact is that after Thursday's over most of us are still facing another day of work. So, it's not Friday after all.
Well then, whata'ya think of an eight-day week with two Thursdays in it?
Yeah, two Thursdays.
Because that's exactly what we experienced this week.
Here's how it happened: We left Sydney, Australia at 10 AM Thursday and arrived in Los Angeles at 7 AM on the same Thursday. Looked at one way, we actually arrived before we left.
But of course we didn't.
We flew for nearly 14 hours. So, we left on Thursday morning,  flew all day and arrived on Thursday morning and faced another full Thursday.
How and why? Because we raced ahead of time itself and crossed the international dateline. In doing so, we regained the day that we lost (and bumped ahead a day) when we flew to Sydney in the first place. So, it all worked out.
But repeating a day was a lot more wearisome (and creepy in its own way) than jumping ahead a day. 
In fact, it took us another full day after we landed for us (and our internal clocks) to sort everything out and get reasonably adjusted.
So, please excuse us for not being here for you. And thank you for your patience.
All this is sorta funny because even in a week where we had more days than we needed we couldn't deliver. But hey, flying halfway around the world and back is not exactly the norm for us.
And we've still got the better part of a day of cross-country travel ahead of us with (regrettably) a stopover along the way before we return home. Still, we won't have to travel another 14 hours, thank goodness.
We'll keep working to catch up here on the blog and we politely ask you to bear with us. We'll also give you some more reports on our trip and tell you more about our experiences here in LA - a town that (except for the horrific freeways) we genuinely enjoy.
Stay tuned. We'll be humming along in no time.

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