Friday, March 21, 2014

PA. Jobless Rate Continues To Beat National Rate

Chairman of the Philadelphia Republican City Committee and State Representative John Taylor (PA-177) today released the following statement regarding the latest unemployment report showing that Pennsylvania’s jobless rate continues to improve under Governor Tom Corbett’s leadership:
"The unemployment rate now stands at 6.2 percent, which is the lowest level since November 2008 and remains below the national rate of 6.7 percent. 
"The latest numbers come on the heels of another positive jobs report from earlier this month that put the jobless rate at 6.4 percent.

“Today’s jobs update shows more encouraging signs for Pennsylvania’s continued path towards a brighter future under Governor Tom Corbett. 
“Since Governor Corbett took office I have been proud to work with him in Harrisburg to reduce taxes and burdens on the private sector so we can put more hardworking Pennsylvanians back to work. Governor Corbett’s energy and pro-jobs agenda stepped in to save the Philadelphia-area refineries, and have created new opportunities to make our shipyards the busiest in decades. Pennsylvania is on the right track and it couldn’t have been done without Governor Corbett’s leadership.”

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