Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bank & Bourbon At Loews: Quite Spiffy!

When your property is part of an iconic 20th century landmark, you play to your strong suit.
That's what Lowes Philadelphia Hotel has done with their new Beef & Bourbon restaurant and bar on the corner of 12th & Market in what Philadelphians have always known as the PSFS building -- the Philadelphia Savings Fund Society.
This architectural gem that defines the modern era has always been sleek and spacious -- a shimmering, cool, high-ceilinged temple to capitalism. But now Loews has taken this wraparound corner and updated it to create a restaurant, bar and lounge with a warm, inviting glow amidst an open floor plan offset by vivid blues and balanced by more private spaces for group meetings and events.
Though not officially open yet, Bank & Bourbon is already welcoming hotel guests and those who just can't wait for the grand debut on April 9.
We dropped by recently and were so impressed we couldn't help but snap these photos for you.
Bank and Bourbon will offer modern versions of seasonal American fare at breakfast, lunch, dinner and during bar hours. The restaurant clearly announces that it means business and represents a definite step up for the neighborhood. And that "bourbon" connection is no accident. Look for this spot to become a haven for bourbon affcinados or those who aspire to such status. Bank & Bourbon will feature the only custom bourbon aging program in the city.
We figure this will be a hugely popular hangout not only for hotel guests and conventioneers but also for in-the-know Philadelphians looking for a power breakfast, business lunch or simply a place to unwind after work.
It looks like a winner!

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