Monday, March 17, 2014

Our Favorite Photos: Australia And New Zealand

We took nearly 1,000 photos during our extended tour of Australia and New Zealand.
We travelled with Globus and covered an enormous amount of territory.
Our hearty group of 28 Americans was led by Sydney's Judy Thomson, a real trooper and a total gem. Judy whisked us from one location to another all the while providing important vital information, detailing interesting stories and generally keeping us up-to-date and in high spirits from dawn till dusk and sometimes even beyond.
We had no whiners in our group, no complainers, no bellyachers.
Everybody enjoyed every aspect of the journey and we all got along, mate.
Here are some of our favorite scenes from the trip. Enjoy!

Aukland, Transportation Center.

Aukland harbor.

The hot springs, Rotorua.

Decorative Maori fence, Rotorua.

The most photographed building in New Zealand, Rotorua.

Botanical gardens, Christchurch.

On the way to Mt. Cook.

Mt. Cook.

Milford Sound.

Near Queenstown.






The Outback.

Outback, Ayers Rock.

Ayers Rock.

The Outback at sunset.

Alice Springs.

Cairns, near the Great Barrier Reef.


Approaching Sydney.


Inside the Opera House, Sydney.


The Rocks, Sydney.

Bondi Beach, Sydney.
All photographs copyright 2014 by Dan Cirucci.

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