Thursday, March 27, 2014

Christie To Sawyer: It'll Make Me A Better Leader

ABC US News | ABC Business News

There will be more of this interview on ABC News' Nightline tonight.
But the bottom line is this: Governor Chris Christie admits he dropped the ball. He knows he let people down. He knows what happened is unacceptable. He feels awful about it and he takes responsibility for what happened (and what happens) in his administration.
But he will not be cowered.
He will not feel sorry for himself.
And above all, he will not quit.
He will do his job. He will work to learn from these mistakes. He will try to make amends to those he disappointed. He will make changes where and when necessary.
But he will not change who he is.
He means to move on, to look forward and to continue to fight for what he believes in, both in New Jersey and perhaps beyond.
And he will remain passionate, genuine, irrepressible.
To all that, and for that we say "Good!" And, we offer our wholehearted support.

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