Monday, March 31, 2014

'Catholics For Corbett-Cawley' Debuts Trrow.

On Tuesday, April 1st, Governor Tom Corbett will announce "Catholics for Corbett-Cawley" in -Pittsburgh, organizing Catholics across the state in support of Governor Corbett's record of keeping his promises to Pennsylvanians. 
Governor Corbett was in Rome last week to visit with Vatican officials about the 2015 World Meeting of Families, and was able to personally invite Pope Francis to attend. It's estimated the event would bring more than 1 million people and $100 million in economic impact to Pennsylvania. 
A lifelong member of the Catholic faith, Governor Corbett has been a champion for family values and education, investing historic state funding into basic education while providing alternatives for learning in private, parochial and charter schools. 
The governor continues to work towards creating a brighter future for all Pennsylvanians. Governor Corbett and Lieutenant Governor Cawley continue to deliver on the “More Jobs, Less Taxes” agenda laid out in the 2010 campaign, keeping their promises to make government work harder and smarter for the people, reduce and eliminate taxes, balance our budgets on-time, hold the line on new taxes, empower the private sector to grow and create jobs by reopening Pennsylvania to business, responsibly use the once-in-a-generation opportunity our Commonwealth has in the Marcellus Shale to create and support jobs, reinvest in our communities and reduce energy costs, bolster support for our most vulnerable and invest historic amounts in basic education.

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