Saturday, September 1, 2018

From Wellstone To McCain: Lessons NOT Learned!

I vowed to make no further comment on John McCain until he was laid to rest.
I said I supported the man -- I respected him, I campaign for him, I contributed to his campaign, I voted for him and I was very disappointed when his opponent won. Very disappointed.
But I wanted to leave it at that during this period of mourning because I didn't want to conflate McCain's life and his memory with the politics of now.
I stand by that decision and I wish everyone had done the same -- no politicizing of McCain's death during the period of mourning. Makes sense, right? In fact, to me it just seemed like common sense, proper decorum, the way things ought to be.
But, during the past week the fragile fabric of decorum began to fray. And today, the fabric was not just torn but it was finally and definitively shredded!
That's because John McCain's services at the National Cathedral in Washington became a sort of (only slightly reverential) political rally.
So, here's what I have to say now:
I've been in politics all my life. Yeah, it's a rough game. It's not for the faint of heart. 
But to turn a memorial religious service into a political platform -- well, it's just despicable! 
Here's the bottom line: There was a free, fair and open election in this country and the people spoke loud and clear. They were disgusted with BOTH parties and all the greedy insiders in Washington. This was a political earthquake and the DC political class, the deep state, academia, the media and the pop culture just couldn't accept it. Crybabies -- but nonetheless dangerous. So much bile!
When you don't respect, will not accept, or actually work to circumvent the will of the people, then -- you are an enemy of the people.
And then, I have also been thinking about it further and this came to mind:
They knew what they were gonna say and they knew how and when they were gonna say it. They had it all planned. In fact, they even included built-in applause lines.
And they invited Jared and Ivanka to the services specifically so that they would have to sit there and listen to it. Such premeditated vituperation. Such guile. So petty and spiteful!
Now, if you think my observations are harsh, consider some of the following that have popped up on Facebook. Again, I stress that these observations are from various Facebook friends, not from me. But I want to give you an idea of what some people are saying:
One friend writes: Is he buried yet? My Gawd! Enough! He didn’t extend an invite to his running mate Sarah Palin!  He had his hand on the fake dossier, and invited Obama to speak? McCain a so called military man, who loved this country, and our military invites a man who lied to the American people about Benghazi!? A man who stood before the American people and lied, blamed it on a video, sent his followers around the news circuit spreading some stupid lie about a video. A man who stood with his SOS Clinton and lied to grieving families!
And from another friend: Her (Meghan McCain's) father fired the first shot at Trump and he met his match. His decision not to invite some people to his funeral shows McCain was even petty to the last second of his life. He died unfulfilled which is very obvious in his last decisions. May he find peace with his maker.
And yet another:  John McCain campaigned on repealing Obamacare and then voted to keep it. John McCain admitted to being involved with the fake dossier that originated from Russia and was paid for by Democrats (collusion). So lets all stop with the holier than thou crap and cheap shots at President Trump who actually won the presidency unlike McCain who tried and lost, costing this country 4 years of Obama ruining it. And yes Obama's policies ruined this country bringing it down so we did need someone to make it great again!
And here are two more: I know I am tired of this endless funeral for McCain which includes Trump bashing. . . . . You’d think he was the President. I’ve seen many presidents die with less pomp and circumstance.

And then there was this poignant post on Facebook: My only brother, a veteran of the United States Army died in 1992, months after returning from overseas.
I was just a kid myself, but I proudly gave the eulogy over his flag draped casket because my parents were too devasated to speak. To this day, it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.
I could have chosen to address my anger at his sudden and tragic death, but I chose not to.
 I could have chosen to take that opportunity to lash out at others who maligned his military service, but I chose not to.  I could have chosen to be angry, in that moment, lashing out at the person responsible for his death, but I chose not to. Eulogies should be about remembrance, respect, heartfelt reflection, and honoring those we lost. Anger and resentment should be left at the front door.  Just my two cents.

It's a shame that all of this had to turn out this way and engender such vituperation.
But let's remember that it was the Democrats who first turned a planned memorial service into a political circus way back in 2002 when they "memorialized" Senator Paul Wellstone (photo below) who died tragically in a plane crash. And we all know how that turned out -- the Democrats not only lost Wellstone's seat but they suffered many other defeats that fall. 'Nuff said!


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Thanks so much, MJ. Always great to hear from you!

littlemike said...

Great job, Dan! So true!

Anonymous said...

I like everything you said, and now realize that I am glad I have not watched any of it so far. I might look at what Meghan's rant is about, but I have been busy with other things.

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I was offended to the point of feeling sick.

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Thanks for expressing your thoughts (and mine) so well.

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This op is a very good Cliff Note of McStain family's true character. Google Jeff Kuhner - McCains no hero. For another good one

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My thanks to all of you and to everyone who has made this one of our most-read posts. I'm deeply appreciative. I ask you to share it far and wide and welcome you back to the Dan Cirucci Blog again and again. Thanks, patriots!

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More Republican vitriol

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well said!!!! I wondered if anyone else felt that way.

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SONG BIRD MCSTAIN ! Not a hero ! How about the 136 men who died on the USS FORESTER, because of his incompetence ?