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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Facts, Numbers, Results CANNOT Be Ignored!

President Trump hosted a group of America’s governors for a policy discussion at the White House yesterday, and the blue-collar economic boom was top on the agenda.

Another expectations-crushing jobs report Friday set the tone. “Since my election, America has gained 7 million new jobs. We added 225,000 jobs in January alone,” the President said. “And a statistic that’s incredible to me is: The average unemployment that we’ve had during this 3-year period is the lowest in the history of our country. Compared to any other administration, the lowest in the history of our country.”

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While Washington career politicians often ignore real-world results, local and state leaders know what a strong economy means for their workers. Since 2016, 28 states have reached or matched their lowest unemployment rates ever, and a record 39 saw unemployment rates plummet below 4 percent.

That’s no accident. The difference is an administration that puts pro-growth, pro-worker policies like tax cuts, deregulation, and new trade deals front and center.

Here are the results, as shown in Friday’s new jobs report: 
  • “Experts” predicted 158,000 new jobs in January. America got 225,000.
  • Before President Trump’s election, the Congressional Budget Office projected a 5 percent unemployment rate. We’re now at 3.6 percent.
  • Unlike under the Obama Administration, workers’ wages today are growing fasterthan their managers’ wages.
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WATCH: First Lady welcomes State of the Union guests

First Lady Melania Trump joined the President in welcoming a group of very special guests to last week’s State of the Union address. Each one had a powerful story to share.

On Twitter today, the First Lady revealed a behind-the-scenes look from when she met some of these incredible patriots. “People everywhere can take inspiration from their optimism, strength and courage,” she said.

🇺🇸 See the story behind special guest and American hero Charles McGee

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Photo of the Day

President Trump and the First Lady pose for a portrait in the East Room before the Governors’ Ball | February 9, 2020

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