Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Watch It VERY Closely - And Don't Be Fooled

The latest Bernie pitch.
It looks like an evocative "soft touch"ad that everybody can agree with. The message is: How can you not have compassion? Surely you can't turn your back on these people, can you."
The music is the 1960's Bob Dylan "changin' times" anthem sung in a peace 'n love tone that makes you want to break out your love beads, tie dyes and Birkenstocks.
But don't be fooled. We're not at Woodstock anymore. This is real - right here, right now.
And interspersed with images of the ad's ordinary people are hateful national figures who conjure up visions of oppressive socialism, anti-semitism, radical islam and racism. Bernie is cozy with all of these dangerous ultra radicals.
Pay attention, America -- and know him by the company he keeps!

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