Friday, February 21, 2020

'Trump Bump' Is REAL -- And Good News For All!

America’s slow recovery from the Great Recession gave left-wing “experts” a fresh talking point: “secular stagnation.” They excused low growth under former President Obama as a new normal. Lost factory jobs and low wages were merely a sign of the times.

They were wrong. The first 3 years of the Trump Economy prove that low growth is far from inevitable. Common-sense policies such as tax cuts, regulatory reform, and energy independence have coincided with a remarkable turnaround: As of the end of 2019, real GDP is 1.4 percent—or $260 billion—higher than economists projected.

President Trump’s results not only beat expert predictions—they also beat the Obama “expansion” by the metrics. There have been turnarounds or improvements in homeownership, prime-age labor force participation, manufacturing employment, labor productivity, and, crucially, net wealth for the bottom half of American households.

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The American Dream is for everyone

A few hours ago, President Trump gave a commencement address to graduates of the “Hope for Prisoners” program in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hope for Prisoners helps former inmates get back on their feet and reenter society after they’ve served their time.

🎬 President Trump: “Your best days are just beginning!”

“We are here to reaffirm that America is a nation that believes in redemption,” the President said. “We believe in second chances.”

There’s no better champion for criminal justice reform than President Trump. At the end of 2018, he signed the historic First Step Act, which reformed outdated sentencing guidelines, expanded judges’ discretion in punishing non-violent offenders, and invested over $400 million in programs to rehabilitate prisoners before they reenter society.

Now, “we began a nationwide campaign to encourage businesses to expand Second Chance Hiring,” he said. “When we say Hire American, we mean ALL Americans.”

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Video of the day: THANK YOU, farmers!

Major trade deals such as the NAFTA-replacing USMCA and the Phase One agreement with China are huge promises kept to America’s farmers. Yesterday, President Trump delivered on another: While visiting Bakersfield, California, he signed a memorandum to clear regulatory hurdles that stifle water infrastructure projects.

“I just want to thank our farmers,” the President said before heading out west this week. “You’re brilliant in every way. Few people could do what you do.”

🎬 President Trump: “America is a nation built by farmers”

Photo of the Day

President Trump disembarks Air Force One in Arizona | February 19, 2020

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