Saturday, May 8, 2021

The Five Most Important Things Mom Taught Me

My mother was not a lecturer. She didn't preach.
Like most people of her generation she taught by the example of the life she lived. So, what I learned from her was by watching and by living in the world she created for me. 
I can't say that I've fully lived up to the example that she set or that I always diligently followed what she taught. But, from her, here's what I learned to strive for:

1) Put family first. Others will not stand by you and love you and care for you (no matter what) the way your family will. So, family comes first -- always!

2) You reap what you sow. This was actually a favorite expression of hers. The Golden Rule notwithstanding, others are likely to treat you the way you treat them. Kind words and good deeds will be remembered and reciprocated -- sometimes even decades later. Misdeeds will reap a negative response, or no response at all, even in your hour of greatest need,

3) Live in the moment. Without envying others or questioning your present condition, enjoy the simple pleasures of the here and now. Take time to savor each moment of life without undue concern, worry or anxiety. Share the joy of the moment with others when you can, while you can.

4) Find laughter in daily life. Life's humor resides naturally in the human condition. Pay attention, open your eyes to it and smile, chuckle or simply go ahead and laugh out loud. You'll feel better for it -- and so will most others!

5) Always look forward, never back. Learn from the past but don't dwell on it and don't let it hold you back. Turn the corner, turn the page, put one step in from of another and move ahead. Avanti!

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