Thursday, February 26, 2009

It Already Happened!

From Jennifer Rubin in Commentary:
This is spot on:

Last night President Obama said, “I asked this Congress to send me a recovery
plan . . . Not because I believe in bigger government — I don’t.” Really? If
that’s true, why was every single policy the President suggested last night…big
government? Mr. President, if you don’t like big government, perhaps you should
consider not making it the centerpiece of your administration. That makes about
as much sense as holding a fiscal responsibility summit days after passing one
of the biggest spending bills in history. Wait. That already happened. Okay, how
about this: saying you don’t like big government while promoting it, would kind
of be like railing against earmarks while getting ready to sign a bill with, oh
say, 9,000 of them. Wait — that’s also really happening, House Democrats passed
it today.
What is most remarkable is that the above comes from Rep. John Shadegg. He is not in the GOP leadership, but his colleagues might take a page from his book.
When the president says or does outlandish things, it’s a good idea to say so. When the president pronounces as fact something patently false, the Republicans should pipe up.
For some time it was politically possible and convenient to blame Congress for the goofy stimulus plan and the irresponsible pork-a-thon, while politely ignoring Obama’s full acquiescence in the Congressional Democrats’ handiwork. But there’s no pretending any longer. The grandiose plans and the economic sophistry are coming straight from the president. And the Republicans have no choice but to oppose them. If they can do it with humor, all the better

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