Saturday, February 28, 2009

NJ Rebates No More?

In New Jersey under wacky Jon Corzine things just get worse and worse.
Now the state with the nation's highest taxes may be facing yet another tax hike and elimination of the property tax rebate program - the last minuscule piece of help in the face of soaring taxes.
Yes -- you heard me right: elimination of the rebate altogether.
Amidst all this the Assembly Budget Chair has gone and made a fool of himself -- vowing to fight to the death for the rebates one day and then completely backing off the next.
This is what wacky Jon does to people, including leaders in his own party. He makes them tongue-tied.
From Angeli Delli Santi of the Associated Press:
On Wednesday, New Jersey Assembly Budget Committee Chairman Louis Greenwald, D-Voorhees, said he would "fight to the death" to avoid eliminating or reducing property tax rebates in New Jersey, where the average homeowner pays $6,800 a year in property taxes. On Thursday, he backed away from that statement, saying the budget debate would continue in the months ahead. "I want to make sure money gets in the people's pockets," Greenwald said after meeting with the governor Thursday. "As much of that as we can preserve through the rebate program, even though I don't like the program in and of itself, it puts money back in people's pockets."
And here's more from Politicker NJ:
"The fact is that Lou Greenwald tried to score cheap political points by coming out in favor of keeping property tax rebates," said Camden County GOP Chairman Richard DeMichele, Jr. "But Greenwald didn't clear his comments with the real boss in town, Jon Corzine, and when Corzine found out, suddenly Greenwald could not be found."
"As Assembly Budget Chairman Lou Greenwald has been reckless and irresponsible in making New Jersey unaffordable and unfriendly to small business," DeMichele added. "Lou Greenwald won't stand up to Jon Corzine, and he won't stand up for South Jersey taxpayers."

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