Sunday, May 24, 2009

California Pizza Kitchen

We continued the Great Pizza Search on Friday with a visit to California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) as we drove home from the Main Line.
We first discovered CPK many years ago in San Francisco and we've enjoyed it ever since.
Over the years, CPK's menu had grown and diversified and now you can choose from many pasta dishes and other entrees.
But we've always gone for the salads and the pizzas (a huge number of varieties) and that's what still attracts us.
We shared a delicious chopped salad and then enjoyed personal pizzas: four cheese with tomato slices and traditional red sauce and cheese.
Both pizzas feature CPK's tradmark thin crust which is now more like a medium or medium/thin crust. We asked for the pizzas "well done" and they were appropriately crispy.
The traditional pizza is very much like a tomato pie plenty of sauce. On the other hand, the four cheese pie was heavy on the cheese with the tomatoes playing a decidedly supporting role.
CPK retains a bright, efficient atmosphere - almost like an updated diner with pizza and pasta.
We very much look forward to the opening of CPK in Cherry Hill later this summer.

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