Thursday, May 21, 2009

Party Naked Tonight!

From Teresa Masterson at Philadelphia's NBC10:
If you enjoy getting naked in public, and you’re not the senile woman at 30th Street Station who lifts her skirt to stand-still rush hour traffic and then laughs and laughs, there is a party right up your non-homeless alley.
The “Naked Party 2.0” is happening Thursday 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. at Top Hat in Old City. On its Web site it directs party-goers to “come un(dressed) to impress.” Make sure to RSVP, if this is your scene.
There will be drink specials until 11 p.m. and there will be, well, naked people.
One thing to keep in mind though: What kinds of people go to a naked party?
We’re thinking it would attract women with great bodies who are happy to show them off; women who just like being naked in a hippy-dippy sort of way; and, um, skeevy guys.
Really. Think about it. Do you know of any normal, non-weirdo guys who are willing to walk around naked in public just to see naked women, when Delilah’s is just around the corner? I don’t.
So just beware, ladies. We doubt very much Prince Charming will be there. The crazy flasher lady from 30th Street Station might be, though.

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