Thursday, May 28, 2009

Foreskin On The Forehead?

From Flash News:
Women will rub anything on their face if it promises to make them more beautiful.
Taking Botox injections might seem downright wholesome when you consider that 150 British women have volunteered to take a new skin treatment derived from the discarded foreskins of baby boys.

Buck Wolf of’s Weird News Central says the women who’ve tried it are raving about the new substance – called Vavelta – and say it works wonders on wrinkles, acne, burns, and surgical incisions.

This research comes as a Norwegian company is touting “Spermine,” a powerful antioxidant found in human sperm that’s becoming a sensation in European spas.

Two New York City salons are already offering Spermine, but the Vavelta foreskin treatment is not yet kosher with the FDA.

Wolf comments, “Some women are shelling out $250 for a Spermine facial. That seems like something you can get in any college frat house for free.”

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mjloehrer said...

Figures! Here's another potential moneymaker but I'm too old to do anything about it.