Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weird Scholarships Fund College

From Flash News:
There are lots of weird ways to get money for college.
According to Kevin Ladd of, college aid isn’t just for academics and athletes, kooky students have a shot too if they apply for the wackier scholarships.
For instance, the Duck Brand Duct Tape “Stuck At Prom” Scholarship Contest awards students who fashion the most fabulous formal wear for their prom out of duct tape.
Then there’s the Chick & Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest, which gives college aid to those who make the best duck calls.
The National Marbles Tournament Scholarship grants college cash to the winners of a marbles competition, while the Tall Clubs International Scholarship is awarded to students who are simply tall.
Other scholarships fund students who wish to study offbeat subjects like mycology – the study of fungus – or parapsychology, the study of psychic abilities.
Ladd says it’s smart to steer toward the weirder scholarships because they usually have less applicants. If enough small grants are amassed, one’s education could be practically paid for.

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