Monday, May 25, 2009

'Idol' Wants Chest Hair

From Flash News:
American Idol winner Kris Allen has it all – except for a manly, hairy chest.
The Idol underdog is on top of the world since his surprising win but still yearns for something he can’t have: Hair on his chest.

Allen admits he’s never been able to grow much chest hair and the only thing he has on his pecs is a “patchy, nasty- looking” mane.

He laments, “I want man chest hair.”

Since he’ll soon be making big bucks in the music industry Allen jokes that he may splurge on chest hair transplants.

Despite his shortcomings, Allen is still a stud to his “really cool” wife, who’s had his back since the Idol whirlwind began.

In fact, she agreed with Simon Cowell at the beginning of the season when the judge argued that Allen shouldn’t have disappointed his female fans by revealing he was married so early in the game.

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