Sunday, May 31, 2009

Newspapers Endorse Christie

The region's most respected newspapers are lining up to endorse Christopher Christie in the Republican primary.
They recognize that New Jersey is broke and Christie can fix it. Here are some excerpts:

Asbury Park Press: "He is bright, has the leadership skills needed to govern, the backbone needed to stand up to what is sure to be a Democratic-controlled Legislature - at least for the first two years of the governorship - and the powers of persuasion needed to help sell his program." (Editorial, "Opt for Christie in Republican Primary," Asbury Park Press, 05/28/09)

Daily Record: "Throwing bad guys in jail may have no direct correlation with reforming property taxes or how to deal with the Highlands Act, but an ability to get things done does. The leadership and boldness he showed as U.S. attorney earns Christie the chance to compete in the governor's race. He is the best choice for Republicans..." (Editorial, "Republicans should pick him on Tuesday," 05/31/09)

The Record: "Christie is the best choice among three candidates for the GOP nomination." (Editorial, "A reasoned fighter," The Record, 05/28/09)

New York Post: "...he's made clear that he means to pare down the state's bloated public workforce, reduce New Jersey's soaring debt and end one-shot revenue gimmicks." (Editorial, "Christie for Jersey," New York Post, 05/26/09)

Philadelphia Inquirer: "The Inquirer endorses [Christie] in the Republican primary. Christie is the most electable candidate - so much so that Democrats have tried to boost the prospects of right-wing rival Steve Lonegan." (Editorial, "Christie in GOP primary," Philadelphia Inquirer, 05/24/09)

Recorder Newspapers: "Our nod in the Republican primary, therefore, goes to Chris Christie, whose tax policies...are more in line with the diverse nature of New Jersey's needs and its current fiscal crisis than the views expressed by Lonegan."
(Editorial, "Christie for GOP nomination for governor," Recorder Newspapers, 05/22/09)


Unknown said...

Christie is a phony and everybody knows it. The theory is that only a phony Republican can beat the Democrats in NJ. I don't see much point in voting that way because either way you get a Democrat. Add to that Christie's long list of scandals, pay-to-play, and promises of jobs in exchange for endorsements and all New Jersey will have is a mess.

Lonegan has a solid plan which makes him the best choice to go up against Corzine. If Lonegan doesn't win Tuesday I will be voting for North Carolina come November.

Dan Cirucci said...

I thank you for commenting and I respect and appreciate your views.
But I must remind you that the last Republican Governor of New Jersey (Christie Whitman) cut taxes across the board, enacting the largest tax cut in our history and launching an economic boom in our state.
There IS a difference.
And it behooves us to make a practical choice.
The object here is to WIN.
So far, Christie's opponent has lost every political race he entered other than the one to be mayor of a town of 8,000 residents. NOT a very impressive record!

Sean Schafer said...

Is Christie expecting to win the primary? What are the numbers like. The reason I ask is in Pennslyvania he is running ads that aim towards Corzine. Lonegan? Whose that? is the feeling I get from him.

Dan Cirucci said...

The last person the Dems want to face is Chris Christie.
That's why they're funding his opponent.
But Christie is moving full speed ahead and he already has Corzine in his line of fire. Christie is the best chance to take back New Jersey.
To be sure, it won't be easy. Jersey is a blue state.
But if anyone can do it, Christie can.
And the fall campaign is already on. Avanti!