Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Town Is 'Superman's' Home

From Flash News:
For the citizens of Metropolis, Illinois, Superman is just not that big a deal.

So says Heather Helm, of the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce, who admits that residents of the famous comic book town are no longer impressed by the Man of Steel since they’ve been living in his shadow their whole lives.

The only time residents’ love for the hero is rekindled is when the Superman Celebration soars into town.

The event, happening this year on June 11-14, brings together fans of Superman to Metropolis for costume contests, memorabilia auctions, and a super good time, which Helm says reminds everyone that, “We still love him here.”

Helm says little kids are the most “fascinated” by Superman’s hometown, and truly believe the actor hired to play the hero is actually Superman.

That is, until they ask him to fly.

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