Friday, May 22, 2009

Hail Michelle, Bash Others

A profile of Michelle Obama in the current issue of Time magazine tell us virtually nothing new and moves along with the now-typical gushing praise: Michelle is a natural; she's funny; she's warm; she beautiful, she's glamorous; she's confident; she's a great mom and a wonderful wife. And it's all so easy for her.
And then there's this sentence:
Maybe this is what women watching her covet: not the clothes or the glamour or the glory, but the fact that she seems to be having a blast, in a way Laura Bush and the rest never did.
This is really a stunning statement. Why is it necessary to bash Laura Bush by name (and all of the others by extension) in order to praise Michelle Obama? Why?
I mean, will this ever end? Ever?
Laura Bush had a great time as First Lady. I'm sure she loved the job. Loved it.
And I think that Hillary Clinton had a swell time as well. For that matter, Jacqueline Kennedy had a great time and so did Lady Bird Johnson and Barbara Bush. They all had a blast.
It's a great job with plenty of top-notch help.
So, can we all move on now? Please?

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