Tuesday, May 26, 2009

They Pee In Pool

Don't swim in the yellow water.
Unfortunately, you might not have much of a choice, according to a new (and kind of gross) study.
One in five Americans pees in the public pool, according to the survey conducted by the Water Quality & Health Council.
Apparently, just getting out of the water and going to the bathroom is too much of a hassle for almost 20 percent of Americans using public pools -- and those are just the ones who admit it. Most everyone surveyed thinks their fellow swimmers are guilty of using the public pool as a potty place.
The same survey found that roughly a third of all Americans pass by the shower before taking a dip.
A less specific (but arguably grosser) finding shows almost half of all Americans (47%) admit to one or more behaviors that contribute to an unhealthy pool. There's no breakdown of what exactly the unsafe behaviors are ... one can only guess.
The Centers for Disease Control suggests a few tips (that really should be obvious) if you plan to visit a public pool:

  • Don't swim when you have diarrhea
  • Don't swallow pool water
  • Clean up kids wearing diapers -- especially their rears -- and change the diaper often

So, as you head to the public pool this summer to relieve yourself of the sweltering heat, just remember -- someone near you is probably relieving themselves in a much different, but oh too common way.

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