Friday, May 29, 2009

Kill Boss, Manage Anger

From Flash News:
Killing your boss may be the most effective technique for anger management.

Former "Simpsons" animator Tom Winkler runs, a web game in which a disgruntled office worker must find 17 ways to kill his boss using the items in his cubicle.
The bloody game includes such murder methods as using a umbrella to stab the boss or a computer monitor to clunk him in the head.
Winkler says the game is a commentary on the stress of working in corporate America and many fed up employees relate to it.
He gets repeat players who admit they use the game to "relieve tension" and find it to be a soothing anger management tool.
Winkler thinks the most appealing part of the game is how realistic it is, since only common office supplies are used as weapons.
He wanted to show how real workers could be resourceful and make deadly tools out of stuff like scissors, a file cabinet, a ruler, and a stapler.

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