Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bracing For Specter Defeat

As polls prepare to close in Pennsylvania all indications are that Senator Arlen Specter will go down to defeat tonight.
In fact, the White House is said to be bracing for a Specter defeat.
Yes, vote turnout in Philly has been light and that's not a good sign for Arlen.
But in Washington, establishment Dems have been gloomy over this all week. The open secret is that Specter is going down.
In fact, the Senator wiped a tear from his eye as he left his polling place today.
Many say that the margin for Shestak may be as big as 52/48.
Meanwhile, GOP challenger Pat Toomey is gearing up for a race against Shestak. Toomey's been focusing nearly all his ammunition on Shestak for weeks and will probably launch his first major salvo tonight and during stops throughout Pennsylvania tomorrow.
The Democrats will have beaten each other up after tonight and Big Time Dems like Rendell et. al. will be uncomfortable in the Shestak camp. Ouch!
Meanwhile, Pat Toomey will be ready.
And in Shestak, Toomey will be facing a reckless, radical, uber-liberal.

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