Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sestak-Obama-Job Explanation Coming?

President Obama says the White House will be issuing an "explanation" on the Sestak job offer imbroglio soon -- very soon.
Translation: Some type of nebulous statement will come out over the long Memorial Day Weekend while no one is paying any attention and while Obama and family are on vacation in Chicago.
The statement probably won't name any names (or will names names of second, third or fourth tier underlings, if any). And the statement will provide few details, if any. Also, it will probably be corroborated with Sestak, at least privately, so that there appears to be a harmonious tune on this.
The White House is hoping very little attention is paid to the matter and everything will simply go away. After all, much of official Washington is already on holiday.
So this is a "good time" to deal with this unpleasant matter.
The approach is this: By next week no one will be talking about this anymore. It will be forgotten.
If the subject does comes up the answer will be: "We issued a statement. We told all that we knew. We have nothing more to say. This is old news."
This is classic Obama/Chicago charade strategy.
So, pay attention and let's see what happens.

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