Monday, May 24, 2010

We're One Of THE Most Influential Blogs!

Have you noticed?
For the second straight week we've been rated among the top three most influential blogs in the region by Blog Net News New Jersey.
Hey, we owe it all to you.
In less than 30 months, you've catapulted us to the top.
And we're keeping faith with you.
We promise more insight, more helpful tips, more meaningful news, more crackling politics, more incisive observations, more music, more travel, more arts and culture, more incredible and offbeat human stories and more fun.
Keep coming back.
YOU made us one of the top three and YOU will help to make us Number ONE!
PS - Lest you think our appeal is strictly local, please note that we've welcomed visitors from every corner of the world and nearly every continent.

1 comment:

mjhawkeye said...

I'm surprised you haven't made the DBKP Report yet. Soon I'd bet.