Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Obama Record: Four Tries, Four Losses

As President, Obama has not had a very good campaign record.
He campaigned in Virginia and the candidate he campaigned for (Deeds) lost.
He campaigned in New Jersey and the candidate he campaigned for (Corzine) lost.
He campaigned in Massachsetts and the candidate he campaigned for (Coakley) lost.
And he campaigned in Pennsylvania and the candidate he campaigned for (Specter) lost.
Two of the candidates that he tried to help were Democrat incumbents, once considered to be very powerful.
The other two were elected state Democrat officials.
Deeds. Corzine. Coakley. Specter.
All allowed themselves to be linked to Obama.
And all four lost.
Do you think the voters are trying to tell Obama something?
BTW: Yes, there was a Democrat who actually won last night but he didn't want Obama campaigning for him and he didn't have Obama campaigning for him. In fact, he ran as far away from Obama as he could and actually took great pains to distance himself from Obama.


Josh said...

You're right that Obama campaigned for all four and that all four lost. But other factors played a role in each of those. Coakley and Deeds were truly lousy candidates who ran historically bad campaigns. Corzine was toast whether Obama campaigned for him or not because he was such a lousy governor.

Specter is the only one where you can really say that Obama backed the wrong horse, since it was a primary. But if you're going to pin that on Obama, why don't you get on Mitch McConnell for backing the wrong horse in Kentucky? Remember that voters are sick of BOTH party establishments. The Republicans' unfavorables in Congress are just as bad, if not worse, than the Democrats' unfavorables.

Dan Cirucci said...

Mitch McConnell is not the President of the United States and he does not have the resources of the President so he cannot be held to the same standard.
MAYBE the voters are sick and tired of both parties and in the end they'll have to pick one or the other because we are still a two-party system.
Their misgivings about the GOP notwithstanding, I think the voters will be more inclined to go with the Republicans. Indeed, polls show Independents strongly leaning Republican already.