Monday, May 3, 2010

Hat Tip To Matt Rooney, Others

We've been so busy of late that we haven't had a chance to tip our hats to some of our fellow bloggers and others who have earned our thanks and admiration.
But now it's time to catch up.
We recently attended a Camden County GOP event where we had a chance to meet Matt Rooney, the founder and driving force behind the Save Jersey blog. Save Jersey is one of our favorite blogs and Matt is a dedicated young man who gives us great hope for the future. Save Jersey played a huge role in the election of Chris Christie and the revitalization of the Jersey GOP and Matt's work is really just beginning. Of course, when we met and spent some time talking to Matt's parents, Tom and Wendy, we understood why he is such an impressive young talent. Bravo to the parents and to Matt!
At the same event we chatted with Camden County GOP Chair Rick DeMichelle. Rick's Chairman's Blog is always a lively read - revealing and informative. And you've got to give Rick a lot of credit for leading the Republican Party with pride and determination in a traditionally Democrat county. Bravo to Rick!
Again and again we find ourselves crossing paths with Camden County Freeholder candidates George Zallie and Scot DeCristofaro. We're impressed by both of these guys and, if this is a year of upsets the revolution could start in Camden County. These two candidates are smart, accomplished fresh faces that deserve the attention of the voters.
We also want to give a big "hello" to our old friend Jeff Land who remains a mainstay of the local GOP -- the type of guy that you want to have alongside you when you take on the enemy.
In fact, if people would simply look beyond the same old/same old they'd find an abundance of riches in South Jersey -- people who are part of a refreshing, knowledgeable, committed alternative to the sort of entrenched regime that inevitably stifles democracy.
So, in the name of democracy (and decency) isn't it time we gave two-party rule a chance?

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