Wednesday, June 30, 2010

America's Most Hated Athlete: Your Choice

Your votes are in for America's most hated athlete.
We asked you to pick among the Ten Most Hated Athletes as identified in a recent national list.
We wanted your take -- who is the MOST hated among these ten?
And the result wasn't even close.
You told us that America's most hated athlete is pet-unfriendly football player Michael Vick. Thirty percent of you identified Vick as your first choice.
Behind Vick (with 20% of the votes) was Tiger Woods.
Here's how the rest stacked up:
Ben Roethlisberger - 17%
Jerry Jones - 10%
Terrell Owens - 10%
Al Davis - 7%
Alex Rodriguez - 2%
Mark McGwire - 2%
Interestingly enough, Allen Iverson and Gilbert Arenas didn't get any votes. So, you found them to be not hated at all.
Dubious "congratulations" to Michael Vick!

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