Saturday, June 5, 2010

Helen Thomas Must Go

It's time to show Helen Thomas the door -- the White House door.
And she shouldn't let that door hit her in the ass on the way out.
Thomas has been part of the White House scene for the better part of six decades. That's enough.
Helen Thomas made a fatal error: she didn't know when it was time to leave.
The so-called "Dean" of the White House press corps (or corpse as Obama would pronounce it) could have departed in grand style 10 or 15 0r 20 years ago.
But apparently she had no plan and nowhere else to go. Whatever.
Now, with her scurrilous comments about Israel and the Jews, she's shown herself to be a complete old fool.
Helen Thomas belongs on a farm somewhere with Jimmy Carter. They can sit under a tree together and sip warm milk.
I would post the video of her comments here (or a photo) but frankly, I can't stand to look at the old gal. She looks like 50 miles of bad road and sounds even worse. And I'm not even gonna say it's sad because it doesn't even rise to that level.
Yes, Thomas issued an apology for saying the Jews in Israel should "get the hell out of Palestine " and they should "go back to Poland, back to Germany." But it's too late and the apology was half-hearted anyway.
And yes, we know that Thomas is of Lebanese descent but this is America, get over it!
She's old. She's way past her prime. She's wrong. And she's nasty.
It all reminds me of a old song*:
I wanted the music to play on forever
Have I stayed too long at the fair?
I wanted the clown to be constantly clever
Have I stayed too long at the fair?
I bought me blue ribbons to tie up my hair,
But I couldn't find anybody to care;
The merry-go-round is beginning to taunt now
Have I stayed too long at the fair?
The music has stop and the children must go now
Have I stayed too long at the fair?
Oh, mother dear, I know you're very proud,
Your little girl in gingham is so far above the crowd;
No, daddy dear, you never could have known
That I would be successful, yet so very much alone...
I wanted to live in a carnival city,
With laughter and love everywhere;
I wanted my friends to be thrilling and witty,
I wanted somebody to care;
I found my blue ribbons all shiny and new
But now I discover them no longer blue...
The merry-go-round is beginning to taunt me,
Have I stayed too long at the fair?
There's nothing to win
And there's no one to want me
Have I stayed too long at the fair?
*with apologies to Billy Barnes


Frank Manziano said...

agreed. how do we make it happen?

Josh said...

Helen Thomas is like a whole lot of people who have worked their way into positions of power. They realize that, without their positions, they're nothing. They become addicted to the power and prestige and perks that come with their position and stop at nothing to hold on to it, even if they really should move on.

As an aside, It's for that very reason that you will never see term limits on members of Congress - something I think is necessary if we're ever going to have real change in our political system and government.