Thursday, June 10, 2010

Runyan Term Limits Self To Eight Years

Following his victory in the Republican Primary, Jon Runyan kicked off his general election campaign by announcing he will term limit himself to no more than eight years in Congress, calling the reform necessary to restore accountability to government and prosperity to the country.
Runyan added that he will fight to implement congressional term limits for all members of the House and Senate if elected in November. His plan would allow members of the House to serve no more than eight years and members of the Senate no more than twelve.
“When our forefathers founded this great country, they never intended to have career politicians running our federal government,” said Runyan, whose opponent, Congressman John Adler, has been serving in elected office since the late 1980’s. “By term limiting myself to eight years, I can focus on doing what it takes to solve the nation’s problems, instead of doing what it takes to further my political ambitions.”
Runyan said that while many men and women have served in Congress for a long time and done so honorably, the system they served in is irretrievably broken and needs fixing.

“Defeating an incumbent Congressman with any seniority today is nearly impossible due to their close ties to powerful special interests, their vast powers of incumbency – subsidized by millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars – and, in many cases, congressional districts that are gerrymandered to rob voters of competitive elections,” said Runyan. “That’s not healthy. If we are to restore accountability to government and prosperity to our country, we need reform and we need it now.”

“I’m running for Congress, first and foremost, to ensure that we are able to do what generations before us have done, which is leave a better country for our children than the one we inherited,” said Runyan. “Unless things change in a dramatic way, I am afraid our ability to do that is in serious jeopardy.”

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